Our Story


I'm Michael W. Blodgett. Advocating for Diane S. Blodgett on my own. So this is a privilege. Diane has developed short-term memory issues.

Please accept this as part of an introduction. This is a love story with undercurrents of evil. Evil that Pence, Trump and the A.G. inherited... but did not cause. 

Besides being a retired teacher and former business owner, Diane worked and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the summer of 1966 in Chicago.

The US Government owes Diane Blodgett money damages. The Government does not even contest her evidence or her claims. The Government acts by NOT paying her claims now for 29 years.  What kind of Government believes it is above the law.  Diane offered on October 9th to settle for a 50% discount, if paid now, which could save the taxpayers a lot of money. 

A. G. can pay damages under Equity, which is in Article III of the Constitution, by getting a court order under 28 U. S. C. sect 2414, and as Vice-President Pence well-knows equity is as old as the Bible.



Because you could play a role through prayer - Your Story as a retired American teacher, Dutch pensioner or Christian is yet to unfold. Some others could qualify for damages too, but only if Diane Twedt Blodgett wins. The Government never told anyone about their claims. You can check the lists of intended third-party beneficiaries off pages iii - iv of the Petition for Cert. copied here. 

Diane started learning the piano when she was 7 on the farm in Sinai South Dakota.

Diane loved her Jesus and her music since she was still just a young girl.

When you have reviewed these materials on the website please CONTACT the White House or Vice-President Pence or Governor Walz, or the media or your British or Dutch Ambassador promptly to support Diane and these other claims.


Diane marched and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the summer of 1966 in Chicago and sang along with Mahalia Jackson at prayer sessions.

Petition for Cert...

" Supreme Court Case DIANE S. BLODGETT # 20-80 accessed at SCOTUS.blog per Google"

Diane and I had signed a Business Contract with the Federal Trade Commission in February 1992 promising we could do business with lots of other people and pension funds including ABP. And that, after a full FTC investigation, there was no finding or evidence of any wrongdoing. No actual or imminent harm to consumers under FTC Sect. 13(b).  Years before going into business I taught public school on the West Side of Chicago in 1968. 

You are invited to pray and subscribe to "DiscerningGOD.org" website.

You are invited to learn more about EQUITY in the Constitution and the Bible. How that could apply to those of you in retirement and Diane Blodgett. 

Do you too see the Hand of God working through a woman from what was originally called Mt. Sinai, South Dakota to have brought the first tablet of the Law to D. C. only to see it get 'swamped' for 29 years. 

But Diane is now bringing the other tablet of Equity to different people best positioned by Jesus to receive it. You are invited to Glorify the Great Name of JESUS by purchasing Christian artists and other music.

FOR MEDIA INQUIRES CONTACT MICHAEL W. BLODGETT CELL PHONE US MN 1-612 453 9240 nationalmobileweb@gmail.com 

He will speak on the record about details of evil US Government misconduct and the wonderful help of honest law clerks. And how Jesus said that "...certain kinds of evil spirits can only be cast out by prayer."  And how only Jesus can resolve this situation and He only will do so to Glorify His Great Name.