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A Division of Come to Jesus, Inc. (c) TM Foundation

Brookings, South Dakota USA

A Love Story With Evil Undercurrents

To Speak Truth to Power where JESUS is the Judge

This is our first project using music to Demand Equity from President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Acting A. G. Rosen by January 15th To Make America Great Again To Stamp out 29 Years of Socialism Gone Berserk in Three U. S. Federal Agencies 

And to ask for your prayers and help to get money damages for Diane S. Twedt Blodgett and Afterwards Other Victims of 29 Years of Government "Breach of Contract" OR "Fifth Amendment Takings w/o Just Compensation".

Michael W. Blodgett 

1-612-453-9240 (MN) USA

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This website's challenge is for all of us to pray whether Jesus directs public officials by January 15th to keep their promises.

President Trump and Vice President Pence have promised to fight socialism, fight public corruption, to treat all Americans fairly, and to work to drain the swamp.

Here is the perfect opportunity. 
Coming at the perfect time! 

President Trump, whether or not you leave Office, there is a special window of time for you, VP Pence and Acting A. G. Rosen to deliver Equity for Diane Blodgett, by January 15th.

Stay focused.
You get the last word.
Deliver on your Promises.

Your Administration has this power under the Bible, under Article III of the Constitution, and under 28 U. S. C. s. 2414 to get a court Order to pay damages.

Will you continue to operate while still in Office as Promisekeeper?

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